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Hey everyone!

Our Store Front

By now you most likely know we are offering in-store pick-up, next-day local delivery and Canada-wide shipping! But there a few other things that have changed as well and we want to ensure you’re aware of these changes so you can best take advantage of them!

  1. We are currently opening Monday’s 11-4, if it makes sense as a business to continue this we will; but we are testing this for October. Our whole goal is to make plant-based, vegan and compassionate living as accessible as possible, so by being open 24/7 with our online store and being open 7 days a week for in-store shopping we hope to deliver on that goal.
  2. Our bag fee that the City of Chilliwack requires us to charge ($0.15) is now being donated to an animal sanctuary of your choosing, the same two BC sanctuaries that we support through TVTM (Talk Vegan To Me); P.E.A.C.E. Sanctuary and Little Oink Pig Bank Sanctuary.
  3. The point system got a makeover! Previously we used your phone number to manage your points, though we can look you up and you’ll get points by simply providing your number, if you want to look the points up online you must provide an email to us so the accounts can link. The other benefits of this are:
    1. You can quickly check your points balance before and after shopping
    2. Now you can earn additional points by liking and following us on social media
    3. Earn referral rewards by sharing your personal link; when someone uses your link to place an order, you’ll get $10 in points and they’ll get $5 in points!
Sign out front of our store, urging non-vegans to “Eat with Compassion”.

We really wanted to provide more tools for our customers to save money, especially in today’s market, while also continuing our mission of making a compassionate living as accessible as possible.

There’s much more in the works to help you, the animals and the planet so keep checking back in and supporting your local vegan grocery boutique!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via social media or by our contact page.

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