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As a vegan business with a focus on accessibility and compassion, it should come to no surprise that The Veganist has officially endorsed the Plant Based Treaty, a companion grassroots movement to the Paris Agreement. We know that even if all humans on earth stopped using fossil fuels, it is far too late to slow down or reverse the effects of Global Warming. However, we also now know that the leading cause of greenhouse gases, deforestation, water contamination and more is the animal agriculture industry and humans’ insistent need for animal-based products. If we can legislate on a global scale (or even major countries) some of the demands from the treaty, we can slow the effects of global warming immensely and ensure the next generations will have a liveable planet to call home.

In order for the treaty to be considered by national leaders- the grass-roots movement needs to be endorsed by tens of thousands, if not millions of businesses, organizations and individuals. We need to show our leaders that this is not a fad, a trend or a fluke. This is a demand for a better environment, a better society and a call to end the violence our non-companion-animals face every single day.

We at The Veganist aren’t going to share photos or videos of the horrendous acts we humans place on animals as for us- our style of activism is simply education, accessibility and compassion for our fellow humans as they go through their own learning journey.

Wherever you land on the spectrum of omnivore/flexitarian/vegetarian/vegan, we respect you, and we expect that same respect back. However, we will always want to help you move forwards toward the vegan/plant-based way of living- but we will always meet you in the middle. We are here to help you find your best solutions, to help you experiment and find the vegan YOU.

If you would like to endorse the Plant-Based Treaty as an individual or as an organization, you can click here; it only takes a moment of your time.

Do you or someone you know want to go vegan/plant-based but don’t know where to start? Visit us in-store and we can help guide you on the best practices for making the switch. No need to feel alone in your journey; we are here to help you in any way we can.

~The Veganist Team

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