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We are nothing without community

We at The Veganist pride ourselves in supporting emerging, new and established local brands while collaborating with others to bring innovation and more selection to the plant-based offerings not only in the Fraser Valley- but to Canada as a whole.


We believe the future of vegan business, vegan products and the vegan community are rooted in collaboration. If it wasn’t for the team work of past brands in the plant-based market, none of us would be where we are today.


While we are still quite a young business (just under that one year mark) we have proven that there is a growing demand for accessibility and affordability in the region that had previously remained under served.


While we grow and continue to establish ourselves as the vegan community’s chosen grocer we want to honour and respect the local small businesses in which we support and thrive along side.

Some of those businesses will be listed below.

If you are a small business owner and would like to get your vegan products listed with us in-store, send us an email to, and lets talk!


If you’re a food service vegan business or you’re a fellow retailer/restaurant and want to offer more vegan items while supporting local- send us an email at, and lets chat! Let’s see what we can do while working together.


The businesses we thrive with together: (Not a complete list)

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