About Us

Brian McQuade and Logan Bryan are two local vegans who struggled to find a decent selection of vegan products within the Fraser Valley, in one simple place; and they decided to do something about it.

Logan switched to a vegan diet and vegan lifestyle back in 2018 with the support of his partner Brian. While having to learn how to shop, cook and strive all over again an idea crept up: 

“Why isn’t there a place where I can go shopping without worrying? Why do I have to shop in 6 different stores just to get what I want and need?”

The Veganist is the dream child of Brian and Logan, with the sole goal of providing peace of mind and ease of access to fellow vegans in the Fraser Valley; instead of having to drive deep into Vancouver to get some of the best specialty products.


Logan and Brian

Though the idea started off as a simple grocer, the two decided to be a “Grocer Boutique” by adding a section for home decor, apparel, skin care, and other non-food-related vegan products. The Veganist emphasizes the importance of shopping local by highlighting local vendors and products to our customers.

Wholesale Portal

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