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Amazing Craft Pickles

We don't add anything to our pickles other than hardwork, spices and brine!

Why Small Batch Pickles?

Like everyone else, we have always loved to buy craft, artisan and small batch food products whenever possible. We were always shocked that there were so few options for gourmet pickles outside of farmers markets. We decided to change this!

In 2018, we decided to leave our jobs and dedicate our lives to making amazing pickled products!

Our goal is to put Falkland, BC on the map for producing the best pickles in Canada! 

Craft. Hand Packed. Local

Running our own facility allows us to have the highest level of quality control and to make sure only the best quality produce makes it into our products!

We don't make the most, we make the best!

Simple Ingredients

Vinegar, Filtered Water, Salt, Fresh Produce, Garlic and Spices. So simple it has been done this way for hundreds of years... so why change it!

Every Jar Is Hand Packed

Big production days are hard work but we believe that you get the best quality product when things are done by hand.



  • Vegan/ Vegatarian/ Plant-Based
  • Organic
  • Gourmet
  • Small batch artisan made

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