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In 1995, a Buddhist couple living in Richmond BC birthed their small business, bringing meat alternatives to Canada to sell to their community out of reverence for the environment and life itself.

Today, Happy Veggie World is an international producer and distributor of quality plant-based food for the retail and foodservice industry. Our products are sold online, in specialty shops, and restaurant chains, but the principle of feeding our community with quality food that respects our environment has never changed. We also endeavour to follow these principles in our business practices.

It’s our ongoing goal to bring plant-base meat alternatives to vegans and vegetarians that are so good, non-vegetarians feel like they might be missing out.


We have been creating plant-based meat alternatives for over 25 years and have worked passionately to refine our recipe to produce some of the best flavoured and textured faux meat on the market. With 6 flavours of Heat & Serve meals and restaurant-quality vegan drumsticks and bac’n, we’re sure you’re going to find something to inspire your next meal.

Here at Happy Veggie World we’re committed to creating delicious food that’s there to help you and your family reduce your impact on our beautiful earth. Whether you’ve been vegan for 20 years or you are on your first day of cutting meat out of one meal per week, and for whatever your reasons for doing so, we are here to meet you wherever you are on your journey with no judgement in our hearts.

Firstly, we use humble ingredients to deliver bold yet familiar flavours.  Secondly, we’ve put a tremendous focus on the texture of our faux meats. Above all,  we hope to  create products which will inspire beautiful plant-based meals in restaurants and dining room tables across Canada.

We strive to make plant-based vegan protein alternatives as accessible as possible in Canada. To do this from our headquarters in Richmond BC, Happy Veggie World supplies our customers — vegans, vegetarians, health-conscious omnivores and retailers — through a number of commercial channels.

Our trusted online retailers and satellite warehouses in Edmonton and Ottawa ensure our customers across the country have Happy Veggie World products when needed, and our distribution network caters to all sectors of the food industry:

  • Natural food retailers
  • Vegetarian religious and co-op groups
  • Wholesalers
  • Restaurant food service institutions
  • Hospitality and industrial services



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