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The power of plants
for people & the planet

We’ve been blazing the plant-based trail since
the ‘70’s, helping people make choices that do a world of good. It’s why we harnessed the power
of plants, for people and the planet. We’re here
for everyone, from vegans to burger lovers, because our purpose is to create better plant possibilities for all. And everyone can make
room in the fridge for that.

From a moment to
a movement

In 1977 when the visionary founder of Silk® started experimenting with soy in Boulder, Colorado, it
was far out there. But what was once on the
fringe—plant-based living—is now mainstream. Now we are proud to make products around the country, to bring the power of plants to as many people as possible.

Plant-based beverages, creamers and yogurt alternatives made for mornings.

Seriously smooth and
so much more

We know how to make plants taste amazing,
so you can always count on us for the yum
factor. But did you know it takes 65% less water
to make an average half gallon of Silk® than it
does to produce a half gallon of dairy milk?* From water conservation to supporting bees, we’re out to show the environment some love too.

Put more
plants in
your diet

What’s so great about a plant-based
diet? Well, everything.

in realness

Seriously creamy and smooth
beverages, creamers and
yogurt alternatives.

  • Vegan/ Vegetarian/ Plant-based
  • Non-GMO
  • Sustainable
  • Dairy-free




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